How to Become a Book Reviewer?

How to Become a Book Reviewer

Bookkus’ How to Become a Book Reviewer

How does one become a book reviewer? Welcome to the 21st Century. Anyone can become a book reviewer these days and many already are.  Simply mention a book to a friend.  Congratulations, you’ve become a book reviewer. You must tell them the grimy details and the succulent story, and you usually don’t dare spoil it.

How to Become a Book Reviewer

Being a book critic isn’t an easy life. There’s plenty of judgement (luckily, none against you). If you are experimental you can find new books, indie books, fresh off the shelf books, or even books not published yet. If you aren’t, you can just keep reviewing Harry Potter and 50 Shades of Grey until our ears fall off, but we’ll still listen. I’m going to talk more about the experimental side of reviewing; truly critical reviewing, the cutting edge, and judging where it will go. Start reviewing books today.

Bookkus is experimental.  We’re a new step in publishing. We change how books are reviewed and how these get into the hands of readers. When you become a book reviewer with us, not only does your review get read, it changes a book, it could change someone’s future. Your review will matter. It won’t be just another drop in the sea of reviews. You drive the choices we make. Your review may change the lives of the author, the reader, and publishing. Authors learn from you. Readers will see their name (in the book). Publishers…well…honestly…will probably not think of you that often, but you may remind them how important you are.

These days it’s simple to begin a blog and start writing book reviews. Just go to or go to You can join a multitude of sites where authors are dying for reviews. You can even review on Amazon, but it’s an empty effort and leads nowhere.  To make a difference, to change publishing and the way books are chosen and published, Bookkus is where you want to be.

When you ask us, “How to Become a Book Reviewer?” We say, “It’s not hard, join us!” Become a reviewer today.

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