Book Reviewers Wanted

Book Reviewer Wanted

Book Reviewers Wanted

Book Reviewer Wanted

Position Description: The book reviewer wanted is expected to read a story or partial story and write review about the book. The book review is expected to determine whether a story is ready for publishing and needs more work. Focus is on the quality of the characters, realism of the characters, plot, and general interest of the story. Reviewers aren’t expected to find grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, or fix any part of the story. Reviewers can choose to review as many or as little books as they feel like allowing them to read what they want when they want. We also expect the new reviewer to have lots of fun reading and reviewing.

Job Location: The nearest computer on your butt. You can be a book reviewer anywhere.

Education: A quality understanding of the English language gained during some educational program.

Experience: Read an entire book prior to beginning the position. The more books the better.

Salary: Paid in friendship and sunshine monthly. The sunshine is high quality and requires you go outside during a sunny day. Friendship is paid in the forum by communicating.

Skills Required:
Literacy and the ability to type, rudimentary computer skills, ability to take one or two notes, ability to interact in a community, the ability to honestly review books, the ability to give star ratings, and the ability to see beyond the words on the page to what could be.Benefits: You can get your name into a published book and receive complete published books after successful reviews. Other small benefits to be included later.

Start Date: Immediately. Interviews not required.

Book Reviewers Wanted and Needed: If interested please continue to become a book reviewer to fill out the application, open your account and begin reviewing. For more information please learn about being a book reviewer.

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