A Change to Our Book Reviewing Policy

Book Reviewing Change

We’ve decided to make some changes to our book reviewing policy, in order to increase the pace of our reviews and keep readers engaged with the site. We know that reviewers don’t want to keep coming back to see the same books on the site, and we want to make sure we’re giving you all great new things to read, to continue to develop our thriving community. We’ve decided that all books will complete the first stage of reviews within a month of being posted on the site. After one month we want to be able to decide if a book has a chance or needs more work. Books that need more work will receive all the reviews in an email and be given a short piece of advice from us on improvement. This way, readers get more variety, and more authors will have a chance to have their work viewed.

Starting in February if a book has fewer than five reviews, and/or it’s ratings are below 3.5 stars, it will be taken down from the site at the end of the month. So please, make sure you get a chance to review everything that’s up there now! At the end of February we will begin removing the lowest rated books and adding new books to take their place. We hope this keeps you–the reviewers–happy, and allows more authors have a chance to have their books reviewed.

Books that are rated highly enough will be put into the second stage of reviewing immediately. During the second stage, the entire book will be made available to reviewers, rather than just a portion. During this second stage, we will again be looking at the reviews the books received, so if you already reviewed a portion, we’d love for you to go back and read the entire book. If you didn’t get a chance to read a book in stage 1, then stage 2 is your chance! At the end of stage 2, we will look at reviews and determine if they are good enough for us to considering publishing the book. If they are, we will discuss it with you in the group forum and then decide whether to publish or not.

If you are interested in reviewing a book because you want to be a better writer, you want to read new books, or you want to change publishing feel free to learn more here about how to be a book reviewer or open an account here.

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript learn more here.

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Book Reviewing Change

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