“the test of a publishing genius … is the ability to keep ahead of the times, to change your whole set of standards, overnight, if needs be.” From Dawn Powell’s  ‘A Time to Be Born’  1942.

Our Mission

Bookkus publishing is a creative trade publisher that uses a group of reviewers to help choose which books readers find the most interesting and entertaining. Bookkus believes that large publishing houses are letting down both readers and authors, by publishing only what is formulaic or conventional. We believe that readers are interested in a wide variety of both challenging and entertaining narratives, told in unique styles and from a variety of perspectives. We believe that publishers fail to deliver these kinds of stories because their approach to marketing books is limited and outdated.

Bookkus is looking for books and authors that push the boundaries of traditional publishing. We are interested in publishing work that has been overlooked by large publishing houses, because they don’t fit within the confines of the standard genres, or because they take an unconventional approach to narrative or voice. We want engaging and well written books that both challenge and excited readers.

We accept professionally written unsolicited manuscripts from authors directly on the website. We consider ourselves to be partners with authors and readers working closely to establish a brand as a publisher of books that readers always love and as a publisher that treats authors fairly in editing, decisions, and contracts. We create value the moment we get a manuscript giving the author honest feedback through a community while providing dynamic and creative marketing strategies outside of traditional book marketing. Our employees provide input everywhere in the business and are expected to contribute and be included in all the companies’ processes.

The big picture

You have your hands full with the creative process.  Maybe you have no inclination for the do-it-yourself path. That’s where we come in to help you become a published author.

We aim to address a gap in the publishing landscape, to bridge the gap between a traditional publisher’s every-angle-covered advertising campaign (be aware that very few get the royal treatment) to the abyss that most self-published authors fall into, never to be heard of again.

We are an independent publisher based in Canada, marketing our books to all English speaking countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia) through major online retailers. We focus on eBooks and paperbacks selling via online stores and independent bookstores. If a book is successful enough we move the books into the international markets.



The publishing industry turns away great books. You already know that.

There are zillions of submissions and few people sorting through the (frankly) despised piles and piles of unsolicited material. They don’t call it a ‘slush pile’ for nothing. Many wonderful books get passed over.

Pretend you’re a publisher or agent with a stack of manuscripts on your desk, along with your bread-and-butter edit work. You allocate your time, by necessity. You sample, first page, last page, mid-way. If the content doesn’t grab you immediately, on to the next. Your job is to forward the promising few to your similarly overburdened boss.

The boss will read a page or two. That’s all the chance you have to make an impression. Some of the best published authors in the world received innumerable rejections before their work landed in the right pair of hands. Some still haven’t. Imagine what falls through the cracks in this two or three minute make-or-break audition. Two words that give a submissions staff nightmares: HARRY POTTER.

As a result, authors have moved toward self-publishing to become published authors. Marketing your own book from scratch, without help, is both difficult and time consuming, yet marketing is key to success. You need to create a sophisticated advertising plan, not just create it, but implement it.  How many authors are up to it? Come submit an unsolicited manuscript.


Our bright idea:

If we can increase the number of people screening submissions it will be easier to find the gems. If they are diamonds in the rough, we can help polish them. Word of mouth also pays off. We have a great community on these pages, talking about new books, finding new books, and having fun. Want to help? Be a reviewer now or learn more about it.


Our publishing strategy:

IBPAWe both publish and market. A big complaint of authors, even those who luck out, who find a publisher, is that you still have to devote major time to marketing your book, at the expense of the thing you love most, the writing. With Bookkus, your work will be vigorously promoted, posted and peddled everywhere and in every way we can dream up (we’re very creative in that regard) to get your book onto the radar of readers. That’s our mission. We can’t guarantee you’ll become a published author. Give us a try, at no cost. What have you got to lose? Take a closer look at how to submit a manuscript.
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