William Yatscoff

WilliamMarketing Manager/Founder

William Yatscoff received his B.Comm from the University of Alberta’s School of Business. He has experience working with several start-ups and focuses most of his energy on marketing. William prides himself on his ability to create solutions from nothing and does not understand the word ‘impossible’. His avid love for reading and his desire to improve the publishing industry were clear reasons for creating Bookkus.

William works out Calgary, Alberta.

Shomari Black

Shomari-BlackCommunity Manager

Shomari Black is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago’s Fiction Writing program, and an aspiring Whovian. He was born in Los Angeles, raised in Houston, and then met and fell in love with Chicago. He loves writing fantasy, enjoys reading comic books, and is often accused of over-analyzing both. His favorite moments in life tend to involve music. These are the bits he’ll admit to, and little else.

Learn more about Shomari Black on his website.

Rosa Sophia

Rosa SophiaRomance Developmental Editor

Rosa Sophia edits for publishing companies and independent clients, and she is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association. With interests in varying fields, she enjoys reading and editing just about anything. Rosa holds a degree in Automotive Technology, is currently working toward a Masters in Library Science, and is an amateur historian, as well as a preservationist. She currently divides her time between the mountains and the beach, and enjoys running, hiking, and traveling.

Visit her site to learn more about her.

David-B-SchlosserDavid B. Schlosser

Developmental Editor

David B. Schlosser is an author of award-winning fiction and non-fiction, an editor of award-winning fiction and non-fiction, a teacher of writing and editing, and an advisor on issues related to publishing and self-publishing. He is in recovery from a career as an election-contesting political consultant, Capitol-striding lobbyist, asterisk-earning candidate for public office, and widely cited corporate spokesperson.

His fiction has appeared in Salon magazine and university literary journals.

His non-fiction and journalism have run in Business Today magazine, academic and scientific journals, multiple print and online news outlets, and a wide range of industry and trade publications.

Visit his site to learn more about him.

The Book Reviewer Positions

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