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Achievement Name Karma Description
100 Book Reviewer 1,100

On behalf of Bookkus Publishing, thank you for being such a big part of our growth, our compa… (more)

15 Book Reviewer 150

Is it getting hot in here? Or is it just you? You are lighting the books on fire. Keep this … (more)

30 Book Reviews 300

Congratulations on writing 30 amazing book reviews.  Do you feel like you… (more)

50 Book Reviews 500

Fifty reviews congratulations. Some facts about 50 (all from Wikipedia):

The atomic number of ti… (more)

60’s Book Reviews 600

That’s groovy, man. Sixty book reviews is as cool as a VW van.

Conversation Starter! 5

Well done. You started a conversation. This is a great way to meet new people on Bookkus and learn about new books. Now let’s only hope someone replies to you or it is gonna be awkward.
“… (more)

Do you have all the ideas? Good job. 25

Well, it seems you are full of ideas. Just making topic after topic after topic. You’ve made 5 topics now. That is pretty good. We’ve given you 25 points for it. Hopefully they are at lea… (more)

Five Hundred Replies 1,500

Wow, you’ve done it. You wrote 500 forum replies. If you have reached this level it is time to contact William to ask for more achievements since this is the last forum reply achievement he mad… (more)

Half-Way to Ten – 5 Book Reviews 50

Whether you gave 1 star or 5 stars you’ve helped us choose the best books to publish. You are half way to 10, so keep reviewing and writing.

I Could Spend Some Time With You 100

That quote reminds me of how I feel about you. You’ve written 50 replies and I can see us having lots of replies together, in the future.
“I don’t want to be married just to be married.… (more)

It is all downhill from here – 40 Book Reviews 400

Forty is a big number. It is all downhill after 40.  You did good up until here though so we a… (more)

Keep Talking! Ten Replies in the Forum. 10

You’ve written ten replies in the forum. You are talking a lot. About what? Who knows. Do they understand? Maybe, maybe not. Good job anyways.
“What ho!” I said.
“What ho!” … (more)

Red Pill or Blue Pill 10

You’ve taken your first step into reviewing books in Bookkus Publishing. Red Pill – Keep reviewing and see how far the rabbit hole goes. Blue Pill – The story ends, you wake up in y… (more)

Reviewed 3 Books 30

Congratulations on reviewing 3 books. Keep reading and keep reviewing. Only you can produce good books for publishing.

Sarcasm Aside – Good Job 250

The last time we said good job for creating new topics in the forum we were a little sarcastic, but now that we see what you can do. We know you are contributing to help Bookkus overthrow the world a… (more)

Viewing 15 achievements - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)