DreamweaverDreamweaver by Najeev Raj Nadarajah

Author Country: Toronto, Canada

Pages: 296

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Dream Caster (Dream Cycle, #1)

Published:  November 1st, 2015.

Synopsis of Dreamweaver

Against all odds, Weaver and his friends have found a way to stop the Dream Eater from laying waste to the Shield’s northern outpost. Despite the days of peace that follow, in his heart, Weaver’s certain that all is not well; that a destructive force, so great in its efficiency, could not have been silenced so easily. When the storm clouds, at last, begin to brew, and waves of chaos begin to break upon the Shield, Weaver and his friends are thrust into a plight unlike any they could’ve ever imagined.

About the Author

Najeev NadarajahNajeev Raj Nadarajah has been an enthusiast of the fantasy genre since he first picked up a copy of The Hobbit as a twelve year old. Uniting that unwavering passion with the written word, Nadarajah’s debut novel, Dream Caster, ignites the post-apocalyptic fantasy tale of the Dream Cycle.

Nadarajah has lived in Toronto, Canada since he was four years old, after his family fled the war-torn Sri Lanka in the late eighties. He now works as campus security for the University of Toronto. He is a post-apocalyptic research enthusiast, a strategist, a wordsmith, and a decorated hockey goalie. He has a post-graduate degree in publishing, studied English at York University, and was elected team captain and valedictorian at the Canadian Law Enforcement Training College.