In order to review a book you should go find a book in the genre you want (no point reviewing a book you probably wouldn’t like anyway).

Once you find a book you are interested in, you should join the book group,  read the story online or on PDF.

After you read the sample book you should write a review about it. Writing a review and giving a rating can be done in the same group you were in. Feel free to be honest and detailed. If you don’t like a book the worst review you can give is ‘ ‘It sucked’. You need to give the author feedback in order to improve their work and writing. If it was good tell us why.

If the book ends up being good enough, we move it into the discussion stage which is talking about how a book is good and how it is worth publishing. At this point we start a discussion about the book. We talk about the book and decide to publish it or pass based on your opinions and ideas.

Thanks, review well.

-Team Bookkus