Become a Book Reviewer

Become a Book Reviewer

Become a Book ReviewerYou like reading and finding new books, right? You like talking about books, right? Then this is for you! Become a certified Bookkus Reviewer. It entitles you to brag to your brainy, pretentious friends, and you to print it on your business card.

Why not help new writers get published in a fun and social atmosphere? Have a say in a potential best-seller. Sign up to read and review books now! There are groups of people already reading and reviewing books that we have acquired.  Why not join the community and be part of the revolution in crowd-sourced publishing!

If you want to get started please come join us.

What you do?

If you decide to join us, you become an invaluable part of our Bookkus system.  Choose from one of our author’s stories in any genre you like. You’ll read it, talk about it in our community, write a book review, and finally give it a rating. It’s easy and fun. You’ll be reading some of the newest books in the world, and helping authors get published. If they don’t happen to get published you’re helping them improve, learn, and possibly get published later. It’s especially exciting finding a raw talent and helping refine it. You need to be a book reviewer to do this.

When and where can you do it?

You can do it at night, on a flight, or even holding a kite. You can read and write a book review as many books as you like. You can review here or there. You can read them anywhere… but not with green eggs and ham.

You do it all from our website. We have a great book community hidden behind our doors. Make friends, talk about new books, old books, talk about people, talk about talking… it’s just fun.


Book Reviewers Wanted: How can I Become a Book Reviewer?

It’s easy. You only need to create an account, and come join us! Once you created your account you can check your email to validate the account and start to write a book review. We have many genres and you are sure to find one you like. You’ll be a book reviewer extraordinaire in no time.