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Manuscript Editing Services

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We offer manuscript editing services to you, the author, for improving your writing skills and manuscript. Our editors will review your manuscript, writing style, and writing skills with the aim of general improvement in the current manuscript and your future drafts. The editing consists of copy, line, and developmental editing. The combination covers all areas and will help improve your writing.  It is not a “how to” tutorial! (This is not a service for the authors we publish. Our published authors do not pay for editing)

Obviously, we think the best way to improve your writing it to join an offline writer’s group and participate actively. A writers group has many members/editors and by the time a story makes it through the group it tends to be a polished work.  Many writer’s groups meet at local libraries and others are at private homes.  Check provincial, state, and municipal writer’s guilds for local groups. Or even start your own!

Otherwise you can join an on-line writer’s group. For example:,, or Participate actively in helping other people’s writing and getting them to review yours since that is the best way to learn. Focus on these and you will improve your writing.  Editing is part and parcel of writing.

For those who can’t or won’t, we do offer our service; a reasonable price for you at $0.01 per word. Manuscripts must be over 50,000 words. Our editors are 100% honest and will not be swayed by the fact you are paying. Editorial corrections and suggestions will be returned for you to amend.  If, however, you submit a first draft-like manuscript the editors will not hesitate to return it.  There are self-editing tips and proper methods to submit a manuscript all over the internet.  Use them, and begin with your own computers’ spell check and grammar check.  If you don’t care about your work why should anyone else?

Pricing –  Full Edit Manuscript Editing Services

50,000 word manuscript = $500

75,000 word manuscript = $750

100,000 word manuscript = $1000

Go to the payment page here then email us here at [email protected] to submit your story.

Feel free to compare our rates to the Editorial Freelancers Association prices.

The First 15 Pages

Did you know that most editors only read the first 10 pages to decide whether to take a second look later on? The same goes for most readers as well. Interested in having the first 15 pages of your manuscript edited by one of our editors? We will have one of our experienced and professional editors review the first $15 pages of your story for $30. Go to the payment page here and then send us an email at: [email protected] with your manuscript, name, and any comments you need answered.

Cover Generation

Want your cover page made by Bookkus? We are charging $200.00 for eCover and $250.00 for eCover with paperback. Go to the payment page here and then send us an email at: [email protected] We will be in touch to discuss your cover needs. Take a look at our current covers here.