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Where to Start

First time here? This is a good place to get started.  Welcome to the community of readers and reviewers.  We need help to get books reviewed with your honest opinion.  First check out our reviewing groups. It’s a good way to review books. Find an open group and join it. Then download the book sample pages or read it online and write a review.
We wait till everyone has reviewed it before we give you the full book. Then we discuss it with you and decide whether to publish it or not. Don’t worry, the author can’t see the reviews, so please give us honest reviews. Honest reviews let us give better feedback to authors who aren’t yet ready to publish. It helps them improve and get to the point of creating an amazing book.

Community Guidelines

  1. Have fun.
  2. Be honest. We put lots of money and effort into marketing books, we need you to help choose the best. So be honest, have high standards, and be yourself.
  3. Give constructive criticism, not just criticism.
  4. Try to chat it up with people and respect them.
  5. Authors aren’t allowed to see, comment, or be part of a group reviewing their own book.
  6. Please, don’t swear or use capital letters.
  7. No self-promotion of books, unless it is in the proper forum.
  8. We have a no tolerance policy, one strike and you are out.


In case you want to :-). I will give you a list of the emoticons here.

Just add a colon before and after to get them to work. For example, write cry. One colon before :cry. One colon After, cry:. And you get 😥

Here’s the list of the colon emoticons: bye, good, negative, scratch, wacko, yahoo, heart, rose, whistle, yes, cry, mail, unsure.

Here are some more for fun too, just remove the spaces:     ; – )        : – )            : – (           B – )

If you want to suggest an emoticon message: Bookkus

If you are looking to connect a little more. You can also find us on FacebookGoodreadsTwitterGoogle+,  our blog, or join an RSS feed.