Publishing Books

Welcome to Bookkus, the place where writers and readers join forces to publish great books. The future of new age publishing is in your hands. Come be a book reviewer because book authors need you!

Folks, it’s a Brave New World. The field of publishing has undergone a sea change. It used to be controlled by The Few. Now, it’s awash with The Many. Are you feeling rather At Sea in the midst of this inundation? We have been thinking about this situation for quite some time, and we have a more flexible approach to the old set of problems, and to the brand new ones. Reading, writing and publishing books will never be the same.

The great thing about publishing is that anyone can be published. The bad thing? Yep. Anyone can be published. Getting yourself into print, that is, self-published, and listed on the retail sites, that’s the easy part. How do you get yourself noticed?

We launched the company in September 2012. Take a look around and let us know what you think.

Here’s how we operate: You, the reader, will choose the books we publish. How, you ask? Learn more about us.

Start by reading.  Easy, right? You like to read, or you wouldn’t have found your way here. Book reviewers are wanted here. Come be a book reviewer.

If you’re an author, this approach offers a wonderful opportunity for writing and publishing a book for you to increase the chances of your book being read, published, and eventually (be still, my heart!), purchased. By entrusting your manuscript to our collaborative process you’ll gain new insights, from which your work cannot help but be improved. Who does not benefit from other points of view? At the least, the experience will broaden your perspective, and that’s a step forward in itself. Learn more about the path to publication. Submit a Manuscript