Submit a Manuscript

So, you want to submit a manuscript?

Submit a ManuscriptBookkus is a publisher with a somewhat different approach. Our goal is to find and publish great books and, in the process, help you become a better writer. We are accepting unsolicited manuscripts, try to get your book published today.

Our advantage? We believe we are both able and eager. Thanks to our community of authors and readers, we give each submission the attention it deserves. We don’t assume that most of what we receive is a waste of time, as most of the traditional publishers do. We know there are treasures to be discovered, and we have the manpower to handle the Herculean task.

Would you love for a bunch of people to read a portion of your manuscript and debate its merits? There will be criticism to deal with, but it will be constructive criticism. Honest reviews by absolutely impartial parties are what every author needs. Give your long-suffering friends a break. They’ll thank you for it.

It’s a gamble, but the odds are far better than the traditional route of agents and their capricious and hurried readers, or with the rapidly dwindling number of publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts. If you’re up for our game, upload your work. We will make the entire book available for reading to a critique group within our community.  We are accepting unsolicited manuscripts.


How we choose what to publish?

Once you submit a manuscript, we’ll create it’s own dedicated reviewing group. The typical set-up will consist of thirty to forty readers. They’ll read a portion of it, discuss it, rate it one to five stars, and comment in depth, with candor.

After one month we see if the ratings are good and decide whether to move it into the second stage. The second stage is where we give the readers the full book. The Bookkus staff will examine the results, discuss with the readers and decide whether or not to take it on.

We typically publish 4 stars and above, but an outstanding but more problematic piece (without mainstream potential) will certainly find a place in our hearts and quite possibly on our list.

Next, we send you a clear, fair contract and move your book into the pipeline: editing, building the electronic files, then marketing. Ask us about it.


How do we market?

Authors shouldn’t have to spend more time pushing their work than they do writing it. Unless they want to, unless they enjoy it. That’s a different story.
We’ll build you a personal website with your own blog. We do ask you to write the blog, with our pointers. We’ll place your book on all the eBook and paperback retail sites and we’ll solicit honest reviews by legitimate reviewers. We publish in paperback and eBook immediately along with international distribution. We provide cover art, an editor, distribution, and, most importantly, confidence that every i is dotted and t crossed. ‘Word-of-mouth’ advertising is, of course, invaluable. We get the word out, to blogs, newspapers, radio, and, via our e-mail list,
(complied with your help) to friends, family, your middle-school teachers … you get the idea. Find out more here.

How you prevail

The writing is your job, your responsibility. Be sure you edit thoroughly. Inspect your work closely, repeatedly. Take breaks from it to refresh your powers of perception. Polish-polish-polish. Make it shine! We will not take first drafts (it’s not hard to tell if it’s a 1st draft).
Have your work read/edited by another pair of eyes (please, not your dear old mom or loving spouse). Remember, you are offering it to a brave new on-line world, where a bad review is hard to shake. Proper editing is essential for you to have a real shot at success. A solid, basic edit is vital. Our function in this area is to finesse, not to rewrite.

What we Accept

For each submission date we only focus on that genre, we also accept other manuscripts. Please submit your book in the proper submission window. Please only submit stories above 50,000 words. If your genre doesn’t fit into one of these easily, then we probably don’t accept it.[one_half]


  • Romance
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Literary Fiction
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Non-Fiction
  • Crime, Mystery, Thriller
  • Historical
  • Adventure



We have 4 annual deadlines for the next 3 months of books.

  • Before January 20th
  • Before April 20th
  • Before July 20th
  • Before October 20th


You should submit your manuscript any time but realize your manuscript will only be shown in the 3 months following the nearest submission deadline.

We are not an editing service. If you want editing we do offer a paid service or please go to If you are ready,  click here to find out how to submit an unsolicited manuscript in detail.

If you are not ready, 10 tips for self-editing every author can and should do

If you have some questions connect with us.